John Whitaker: Olympic showjumper in hospital after fall in Global Champions Tour

British Olympic showjumper John Whitaker has been injured after falling from his horse at the Global Champions Tour event in London. 

Whitaker was riding on his 62nd birthday when he was unseated by nine-year-old stallion Cassinis Chaplin.

He was taken to hospital after being assessed at the arena and his son, Robert, later said the showjumper was "sore and stiff" but "should be OK".

Scott Brash won the event after a jump-off against fellow Briton Ben Maher.

Brash, riding Hello Forever, finished just 0.04 seconds ahead of London 2012 champion Maher to win prize money of just under £90,000.

"It was a very fast jump-off, but thankfully Hello Forever pricked his ears and went for it," said Brash, a former world number one.

"He is an incredible horse and he really did his best for me. You have to be on your toes when you're riding him, but he is fast and athletic."





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